• 17 - 20 MARCH, 2016


Rise From the Ashes

It is easy for things to burn, but the true challenge rests in rising from those ashes - to build that which has been destroyed, and prevent its future destruction. Join us this March for the ninth annual session of the Pennsylvania United Nations Conference: Rise from the Ashes.

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Distinguished Delegates, Faculty Advisors, and Other Visitors to PUNC’s Website,

I look forward to welcoming you to the ninth edition of the Pennsylvania United Nations Conference (PUNC). PUNC IX is a premier crisis-only conference that has brought college students from across North America to Penn State’s campus for a weekend of debate and camaraderie for eight years and will do so again March 17-20, 2016.

PUNC IX is hosted by the Penn State International Affairs and Debate Association (PSIADA), a collection of Penn State’s most driven students. Through collaboration and initiative, we will continue the proud traditions of past PUNCs, including our intimate, active, and high-quality crisis simulations.

Rise from the Ashes, the theme of PUNC IX, is inspired by the rebirth of the phoenix, but manifested by the actions and accomplishments of delegates.  Each committee at PUNC is given a dedicated crisis team and a trained staff in order to allow delegates to be creative, methodical, and effective.  The impressive benefits of this will be apparent in all committees, particularly in the creative and futuristic crisis scenarios of a nuclear incident in Pakistan and the reunification of the Korean Peninsula.

PUNC’s pride is our committees, but we strive to present a balanced and enjoyable weekend to our delegates.  Located in the quaint college town of State College, Pennsylvania, Penn State offers a beautiful campus – even in March – and nearby accommodations that afford convenience to our delegates.  Penn State’s nightlife, in conjunction with the social events of the conference, ensure your enjoyment alongside delegates from the United States and Canada.

As a delegate at PUNC IX, you and fifteen other colleagues will take on a role in one of our eight provocative committees, including a joint crisis committee that will simulate Daesh (ISIS) and the rebel factions of the Syrian Civil War. Additionally, you will take on roles such as the mobsters and crime lords of the Chicago Crime Syndicate and the leaders of the petroleum-rich Azerbaijani city of Baku.  For the first time, PUNC IX will feature a Press Corps of delegates who will interact with all seven committees.

Delegates will be presented with new and exciting challenges in the extensive, yet familiar scenarios of the future.  While we focus upon the 2016 presidential election, delegates can immerse themselves in a congressional and state office election crisis that will face the leadership of the Democratic Party in the 2020s.  Still, PUNC aims to explore the past through a simulation of the American Oil Boom of the 1920s. As oil tycoons and executives, delegates will have to decide how to shape an industry, cognizant of both the context and the repercussions.

On behalf of Penn State’s International Affairs and Debate Association and the Secretariat of PUNC IX, I eagerly invite you to the adventure and enjoyment of the ninth edition of the Pennsylvania United Nations Conference. I will be pleased to answer questions and hear concerns at sg@psiada.org.

I eagerly look forward to meeting each of you,


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Benjamin D. Black
Secretary-General, PUNC IX

Penn State International