Star Wars: Flames of Endor

The Emperor is dead. The Second Death Star has been destroyed. And the Empire is shattered. A new age dawns upon the galaxy as the Rebel Alliance scrambles to form a New Republic and bring peace back to the Galaxy. However, the dark specter of a resurgent Empire remains, threatening to overturn everything the Rebels have built. Will the New Republic truly save the galaxy from turmoil? Or will it fall to the heavy boot of tyranny once more?

The Apartheid Divide

In 1962 Nelson Mandela was arrested for treason, and was not released until 1990. Upon being set free, he notes that there is much more to do until apartheid truly ends. This committee will focus on the tumultuous end to apartheid, beginning in the 1980s when townships were revolting and a state of emergency was declared. This committee will attempt to navigate these incredibly harsh times.

Irish Republican Army 1968

Welcome to the IRA! The nationalist forces of Ireland long to reunify their homeland and are willing to do whatever it takes to bring the English government to the negotiating table with them. Delegates must work to maintain public support and sympathy for their cause while bringing on enough sabotage to make their opponents take them seriously. Will you be able to reunite Ireland, or will your organization crumble due to infighting among factions?

Berlin Divided 1960 JCC

The Cold War casts a wide shadow over popular memory of 20th century international politics, for good reason. The conflict between East and West permeated relations at a global scale, as the United States and United Soviet Socialist Republics clashed in proxy wars, raced to nuclear supremacy, and grappled for the ideological support of entire states. These grand maneuverings and high global politics gathered at an epicenter in Berlin, a city divided long before the infamous wall rose. Yet, the city lived on, and its government quietly worked to maintain public services in the shadow of giants. In this committee, delegates must maintain order and combat the encroachment of their rivals – governing a divided Berlin in 1960.

The Bolivarian Conquest

The Dawn of the 19th Century in Latin America. Despite Spain’s insistence the Enlightenment has also come to the land; and with it the calls for revolution. Spain shows utter disregard for its colonists, letting peninsulars run the colony instead of the natural born Creole population, in addition to trying to strip the power, wealth and influence of the Creoles. The seeds of rebellion are everywhere, and Latin America needs someone to guide them to victory.

New World Order: Unified Human Government

The dawn of the 21st century brought humanity into the information age, connecting corners of the globe and bringing people closer together. However, the century following the year 2000 would only be known as the century of calamities. Ecological disasters, mass human displacement, and global disasters ravaged the world. Major world powers, unable to resolve their bickering, failed to solve global issues. At the turn of the 22nd century, the United Nations issued a historic mandate: End the age of scattered nations and embrace the next level of human development, a New World Order.

Chaos & Disarray: Mexico Cartel State

The year is 2020. A special session of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has been convened on the orders of the United Nations General Assembly. Mexican President and former Mexico city mayor Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has been assassinated, and many states, including Sonora, Baja California, and Chihuahua have fallen to their leading cartels. The nation has become the world’s first Cartel State, meaning the 8 largest cartels in Mexico have taken over the 31 states. The USA along with many central American countries are worried that Mexico might become another 1990s Somalia, where the Somali warlords roamed free. Will the UN be able to save the people of Mexico and its government or will the violence be too much to handle?


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